Dolce Tokyo – 313 Somerset

Get fat night! After wanton noodles, we shared this big bowl of dessert with ice cream, caramelised bananas and sinful chocolate sauce 😱



Tiong Bahru Bakery – Raffles City

After dinner at Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant, we had wanted to have desserts over at Angelina. But it was full so we had to walk over to Raffles City instead. 

Excited to see the selection of French pastries on displayed💛💛

Lemon meringue éclair 


Croissant with chocolate ice cream!


Tsukada Nojo – Plaza Singapura

Had long wanted to try the famous collagen hotpot but was deterred by the long queues. 

And no wonder the queues form, the food here was really delicious (●´ڡ`●) 

Even the salad was fresh and really refreshing 

Karaage was crunchy and juicy 👍

The collagen goodness miam miam~~

Awwww even the dipping sauce was served with a heart ❤️

Mimi loved the nikumaki onigiri

At the end, QQ noodles were served to allow us to enjoy the beauty collagen soup broth to its last sip!