Ding Tai Feng – Raffles City

Dinner here with Mimi and maman before the concert at Victoria Concert Hall. 

Simply simple yet delicious egg fried rice.

Famous xiaolongbao

Dumplings with chives for maman

Beef noodles soup for Mimi



Yayoi – Bugis+

Trying to diet so chose this plain bowl of ramen with lots of negi. Even gave the sliced char Siew to my lunch kaki! 

I am determined to shrink my appetite! 


Imperial Treasure Teochew Cuisine – Ngee Ann City

Took maman out for dinner on a weekday night.

We enjoyed the food here. Especially the or-nee (yam paste dessert).

Traditional Chinese tea served in little teacups


滑蛋hor fun


Sweet and sour pork – Mimi’s fav


I think this was some double-flavor fried rice. Presentation was made to resemble the yin-yang symbol


Teochew yam paste or-nee