Kinsahiya Japanese restaurant – Jusco, Bukit Indah

After a satisfying day of shopping :D we went over to try out this Japanese restaurant, also only level 2.

Mimi had her favorite – zaru soba

Ma sœur ordered this seafood ramen

Agedashi tofu to share

Of course this must be toi’s! – curry rice and ramen :D

Chawan mushi for mimi

Vegetable tempura – yummy

Moi’s tendon set :D

Maman’s curry rice!

Kitagawa Japanese Restaurant – Orchid Country Club

Ah heng, ah oi, angie and moi met up at Yishun mrt station and took the Orchid Country Club shuttle bus for dinner at Kitagawa.  Think there was a wedding dinner going on that evening so a lot of people were queuing for the shuttle bus, we couldn’t get on to the first bus and had to wait another 5-10 mins for the next.

It was very quiet at the restaurant, there were around only 3 -4 tables occupied that evening.  We were perhaps the noisest table wahahhah and stayed the longest, they had to come and tell us they were closing le… :P

Yummy maki sushi

Another variety of maki sushi

Soft shell crab roll

Cold soba


Agedashi tofu


Baked nasu – very yummy


Kuishinbo dinner buffet – Suntec City

Brought maman and mimi here to feast on their crabs :) we feasted from 1800hrs to 2100hrs!! As a result, we got to enjoy all 4 of their Kuishinbo-jingle specials ^ ^

Started off with vegetable kaminabe

Sushi, inari and california roll

Yakitori and kushiage

We had lots of tempura too!

The reason why everyone’s here for: The famous yummy crabs – so sweet!


Kuishinbo jingle #1- #3 – baked crayfish with cheese (delicious :))


More tempura and yakitori heehee

Christmas log cake! The konnyaku jelly in the background was nice too

Kuishinbo jingle #4 – frozen strawberry with ice cream

Everyone was full and totally satisfied, so yum yum!

Saboten – Parco Millenia Walk

Went to FEAST on yummy tonkatsu with steps prince before trying to burn those calories off at 2-hr steps session hahha.

We got to grind our own sesame seeds and pour in their house special tonkatsu sauce to make the dipping sauce

Salad was free flow and yummy with their special dressings (in backgroud)

We shared a platter for 2 – yummy fried prawns, tonkatsu with asparagus and cream and normal tonkatsu

Very good!

Ichiban Sushi – Toa Payoh

Ichiban Sushi is one of our fav places to eat in Toa Payoh, yummy Japanese food at reasonable prices.  The one in Suntec city is Ichiban Boshi and isn’t that yummy, prices are higher as well.

This afternoon, we brought maman’s sister here for lunch.

Moi’s soba with mini katsu don set – niceeee ^ ^

Maman always orders her fav salmon head in miso soup


Nantsuttei ramen – Parco

Caught up with Steps Prince over lunch (since we are all working at the same area now) at Nantsuttei ramen at Parco, Millenia Walk.

Steps prince ordered the Negi ramen (lotsa negi!)

Moi’s cha shu ramen

Shared a plate of gyoza

Ramen wasn’t over-the-top tasty, but it’ll do la for lunch.  Wouldn’t like go there purposely for the ramen though…

Bab noodle – Millenia Walk

JJ brought moi here for their reasonably priced lunch sets :))

And you would think that for less than S$10 a set, quality and taste will be compromised, but the food here is anything but! They are yummy! Portions were huge too :)

JJ’s chicken cutlet set lunch

Kimchi was fantastic!! Lurve it!!

Moi’s katsu don set – yum yum yum