Stellar – OUB Centre

This entry is going to be long and full of pictures because there was so much food served that night!

We were all already full way before our main course came!

My ex bosses in my previous company threw this farewell dinner for moi right up on top of the OUB Centre at 60-something level.  The view there was fantastic.  We even went up to the open air bar right on top and took these cool pics :)

The entrées – with fois gras ^ ^

Very delicious rolled sushi – part of the entrée as well

Sashimi moriawase

Selection of fine cold cut meats – very yummy!

Our mains – T bone steak (which a lot of us couldn’t stomach liao cos too full already…what a waste haha)

Moi’s pan fried cod fish – lucky moi ordered this main dish and not meat!  Could manage to finish this little serving of fish!

Cod fish was yummy, the roasted potatoes that came along with the main courses were great too.

Salads and long beans deep fried with batter came along with our main courses as well.

One of my bosses’ main course – forgot the exact name, could be risotto…

And our desserts from 1-Caramel, located below Stellar, on level 1 OUB Centre.

°・:,。★\(^-^ )♪ありがとう♪( ^-^)/★,。・:・°

Wheat Baumkuchen – Toa Payoh

Moi only knew about this place when I chanced upon a newspaper article of it even though Toa payoh town center is so small and since it’s small, virtually every new shop will be noticed.  But after knowing where this shop is located, it’s no wonder it went unnoticed to moi as it’s tucked behind in a back alley, behind the bustling row of shops that houses Watsons, Bossini, Bee cheng hiang etc.

There was a little bit of queue when moi was there had to wait for about 5-10 mins for my turn.

Decided to get one flavor each to try :) greedy

Chocolate flavor – quite alright

Green tea – the best!!  everyone in the family lurves this.

Valrhona chocolate – yum

Classic Original – moi liked this too.

Classic with nutella – ok la nutty nutty bite to it

Will stick to green tea in future :)

Luvvy Curry – Toa Payoh OrangeTee Building

This is located at the new office building next to the Eng Wah cineplex at Toa Payoh Central.
Brought maman and mimi there to have dinner before mimi’s ballet class.

We ordered only 2 sets to share amongst 3 of us as we don’t eat that much for dinner nowadays haha.
And the staff here were so sweet, they added more rice for us (although we didn’t request for it) as they know we are sharing :)

Vegetarian curry – with eggplants, lady’s finger, carrots, potatoes, good!

Fried dory fish curry – yum yum

Comes with a free drink and free dessert as well!
Green tea jelly – we all loved this!  wanna try to make this at home too :)

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining – Central

Princess Mama informed us about this promotion at Sun with Moon Central outlet so we went there for dinner to catch up and also to receive the boxes of face masks carnivore ling and her xiao lan had dutifully lugged back for us :)

While waiting for princess mama and carnivore ling to arrive, moi bought a soya milk drink from mr. bean to sip sip while shopping and also brought the half finished drink into the restaurant, the staff there were very sweet, although there’s a no outside food and drinks policy, they emptied the remaining drink into a cup so that it wouldn’t look like an “outside” drink!

Moi’s spicy ramen – just a teeny hint of spicyness and it adds to the flavor of the soup yum yum

Princess mama’s chirashi don set

Pirikara chicken wings to share – our favourite!

Of cos, this has to be carnivore ling’s hamburger steak set haha!

Princess mama highly recommended this tofu cheesecake to us – really delicious, maybe can try to make this at home…

Forgot the name of this cake, think is something chocolate

O-An Japanese Restaurant – Hong Leong Building

Moi and colleagues rarely comes here for lunch, in moi’s working life here in Raffles Place (10 years in total), only came to have lunch here less than 10 times partly cos the food in O-An is considered expensive to us and it’s not really that yummy to justify us spending so much on for lunch.

On this particular day, moi ordered their daily special, which was salmon head with stir fry spinach with eggs

Moi’s colleague had their teriyaki salmon set

Tampopo Restaurant, Takashimaya

Ste and moi happened to walk by this place the last time we went shopping at Takashimaya and promised to try their famous tonkatsu ramen the next time.

“Next time” came fast, just one week later (maybe we cannot wait anymore haha)

Tonkatsu ramen – soup was a bit spicy but it was just perfect with the tonkatsu :) so delicious!

Ste added an egg to her ramen – she say was very nice too ;)

Tatsu Teppanyaki, CHIJMES

Went with Ste and Misty to celebrate Misty’s birthday. We ordered one seafood teppanyaki set to share plus some sushi and handroll and misty’s osusume, garlic fried rice.

Salads to start

Sushi and hand roll (Ste loves their hand roll very much!)

Teppanyaki cuttle fish

Cod fish – delicious

Garlic fried rice – it was very fragrant and garlic taste wasn’t overpowering

Teppanyaki lobster with special sauce – they added some wasabi in the sauce very nice, the fried sliced garlics on the side were very crispy and tasty too

Beef – yum

Bean sprouts

Grilled corn – very sweet we all lurved it