Hong Kong Day 4 – Japanese buffet dinner at Matsuya, Jordan

We had wanted to dine here the night before, but without any reservations, getting a table was difficult so we quickly made reservations for the next day 🙂

Tamago sushi

Ramen with char siu


Variety of maki sushi


Tempura, there was sweet potato, pumpkin and ebi 😀 we ordered extras 😛

Bbq quail eggs for carnivore ling


Bbq prawns, both of us are prawn lovers so we also ordered extras of this 🙂



Yakitori, yum yum


Bbq chicken wings


There was even dim sum 🙂


Agedashi tofu, not yummy very bland


Bbq corn, moi’s favorite 😉


Tsukune, yum yum!


Bbq beef


Straw mushrooms wrapped in pork


Mantis shrimp sushi, we didn’t expect it to be served raw… so both of us didn’t touch it


Bbq sotong balls ❤ yum


Pork with negi


Kimchi chicken wings, we took a bite, tastes kind of weird :-S so we put it back on the plate


And ice cream for dessert


I think we were there for nearly 2hours! And we were so so full when we left the place.

Overall, this is a fairly good deal think per pax only less than 20 bucks without sashimi. Drinks were free flow too 😀


Genki Sushi – Orchard Central (revisited)

Moi knew that mimi will surely lurve this place so brought maman and mimi here for dinner 🙂

This is a must order – prawns with special mentaiko

Inari – our favourite, served with cute kitty plate

Tamago with sushi rice

Oyako don

Tempura sushi

Mimi’s favorite – chawanmushi

Mini udon

Ebi fry roll and tuna roll

California roll

Genki sushi – Orchard Central

Met up with Ste for her belated birthday treat at Genki sushi.  Moi read about this new place that had opened at Orchard Central where each table has its own iPad for ordering and orders are sent by either a locomotive or an airplane jet on the conveyor belt 🙂

Moi preparing the green tea

Placing our orders!

And our first orders!!

Thick tamago roll with sushi rice – so sweet and yummy

Tempura prawns with rice – we get to pour our own sweet sauce over it, we ordered extras of this 🙂


Shinkansen delivering our orders ^ ^

Ste’s salmon sushi with special mentaiko sauce

Ebi with special mentaiko sauce – very very yummy!!! we ordered extras of this as well

Salmon sushi

California roll

Oyako don – mini size


Green tea ice cream – very good and refreshing!

Octa Hotel – Parco Millenia Walk

Ms. etoile brought moi to this lovely parisian-like cafe which is Japanese instead!  Besides running a cafe, they also sell pretty accessories, cutleries, plates, teacups etc.

Moi chose the triple sandwich set lunch – thick slice of omelet, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce sandwiched between 3 layers of toasted bread!!  Heavenly delicious ^^

Ms. etoile ordered the sausage roll with cheese – equally yummy

Tontei – Nex Serangoon

Ah heng, Angie, Ah oi and moi caught up with each other over dinner at Tontei, which primarily serves tonkatsu.

Cabbage was free flow, the dressing was very very good

Salad with pork

Angie’s sukiyaki – soup was soooooo tasty sooooo yummy 🙂

Ah oi’s tonkatsu with sushi set

Moi and ah heng didn’t want to have deep fried stuff and opted for the butaniku shogayaki set with sashimi – so yummilicious ^ ^