Seoul Day 2: Dinner

We ate too much during breakfast so we didn’t feel hungry at all the whole day heehee.

Tonight, moi’s colleagues from Seoul were bringing moi out for dinner so we went to the basement of Lotte to da bao dinner for maman and mimi first.

They settled for takoyaki

And omelette rice

Seoul Day 1: Lunch

After arriving in Seoul at 7am, we took the airport bus #6015 that drops us directly in front of our hotel, Ibis Myeongdong.

Naturally, we didn’t sleep well on the plane so we all concussed after showering, only woke up at 1pm when our stomachs rumbled with hunger, ready for lunch.

This little cosy Izakaya is just next to the hotel, never did we think the first meal we would have in Seoul will be Japanese haha.

Mimi’s cold soba

Moi’s oyako don – yum, the kimchi is really very good!

Maman’s miso ramen

Wasabi Bistro, Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Our whole department had lunch together at this Japanese fusion restaurant with a great view n much raved about food as well.

On this day, moi ordered the Ladies set which comes with a salad, 2 appetizers, main course and dessert


2 appetisers, nasu (left), avocado with crabmeat (right) – both were so delicious!

Main course – fish, very tasty, there’s a buttery taste to the sauce

Dessert – coffee mousse, which moi didn’t take as i can’t take coffee but they gladly changed it to fruits for me.

Ishi Mura, SAFRA Jurong

We went to Safra Jurong over the weekend for more yummy food and a whole day of fun for mimi.

The okonomiyaki is a must try.

Maman’s salmon belly nabe – the salmon wasn’t that fresh got fishy smell

Vegetarian pizza – very thin crusted, ma famille say they prefer moi’s homemade one than this :)

Yamada Restaurant & Sushi bar – The Sail

Ms. Akemashite suggested going to this place for her birthday lunch, didn’t know there are still eating places hidden at basement of The Sail!

Sushi and udon set

The salad dressing very yummy :)

Moi’s gindara and teriyaki chicken set – gindara looks dry and over cooked but it’s just an illusion haha it’s very fresh and still maintained its softness

Gyoza – yummy

Unagi with sashimi set

Bimi Kaiho – International Building Tanjong Pagar

Always wanted to try the food here after reading great reviews about this little Japanese restaurant tucked in a corner on level 2 so before our 한굴어 class, we went there for dinner.

Ms. Akemashite’s katsu curry – curry very very yummy!!

Look at the perfectly done katsu!

Moi’s katsu don – delicious delicious!

Ah Oi’s Cha soba set – with sushi and tempura, yummy!

Teriyaki wings – very very nice :) we all lurve it!

New Japanese eating place at Chevron House

Moi’s colleagues celebrated moi’s birthday at this new Japanese eating place (think the name is Haruichi, used to be a hotdog/burgers place, opposite the famous select yong tau foo).

Menu looks appetizing…
Salmon omu rice – doesn’t taste like Japanese omu rice leh, sauce also a bit weird

Fried ebi omu rice with green curry – green curry is actually Japanese curry

Omu rice with teriyaki chicken – chicken turn out too black

Ebi fried bento – one of the ebis was overfried! aiyo

Agedashi tofu – they used the “cheap” tofu as it wasn’t silky, very coarse and the fried coating fell off easily

Gyoza – it’s more of fried wanton than gyoza, the skin broke and worst, they served with chilli and soy sauce!!??  Then ah oi asked the staff how come they didn’t serve us with vinegar, their reply was they didn’t have vinegar in the restaurant and they will “serve gyoza with vinegar in time to come…” *faintz*

Needless to say, we will not be coming here for a 2nd time.