Yayoi – Bugis+

Trying to diet so chose this plain bowl of ramen with lots of negi. Even gave the sliced char Siew to my lunch kaki! 

I am determined to shrink my appetite! 



Tsukada Nojo – Plaza Singapura

Had long wanted to try the famous collagen hotpot but was deterred by the long queues. 

And no wonder the queues form, the food here was really delicious (●´ڡ`●) 

Even the salad was fresh and really refreshing 

Karaage was crunchy and juicy 👍

The collagen goodness miam miam~~

Awwww even the dipping sauce was served with a heart ❤️

Mimi loved the nikumaki onigiri

At the end, QQ noodles were served to allow us to enjoy the beauty collagen soup broth to its last sip!