Yakinikutei Ao-Chan – Concorde Hotel

Celebrated Princess Mama’s birthday at this yummy yakiniku restaurant. 

Thumbs up!



Tsukada Nojo – Plaza Singapura

Had long wanted to try the famous collagen hotpot but was deterred by the long queues. 

And no wonder the queues form, the food here was really delicious (●´ڡ`●) 

Even the salad was fresh and really refreshing 

Karaage was crunchy and juicy 👍

The collagen goodness miam miam~~

Awwww even the dipping sauce was served with a heart ❤️

Mimi loved the nikumaki onigiri

At the end, QQ noodles were served to allow us to enjoy the beauty collagen soup broth to its last sip!



A lot of my friends are fans of Nookie. So when I happened to be around the area, I grabbed the chance to buy my first Nookie 😋

Chose the chocolate banana caramel – one of its signatures. 

It was really wonderful!!! Way better than LlaoLlao. The combination of chocolate crumble drizzled with caramel sweet sauce and the bananas plus a little bit of watermelon and strawberry at the bottom is just perfect. Can’t wait to try other creations! 


Hoshino Coffee – Plaza Singapura

Lines at the restaurants at the Plaza Singapura’s new wing has been forming ever since they opened its doors. Plus the restaurants wouldn’t seat you unless your whole party is present.

Ah Heng, Angie and Ah Oi celebrated moi’s birthday at Hoshino Coffee. Everything looks so yummy here. Took quite some time to decide what to eat haha.

Moi’s carbonara. Serving was huge couldn’t finish it even thought it was tasty.


Marinara spaghetti


Omu rice


Black squid pasta


French toast with ice cream




Balzac Brasserie – Rendezvous hotel

Visited this French bistro with fitness craze and mr Aimai.

Tasty bread served before our orders came


Half a dozen escargots to share – they were yummy btw


Our mains came surprisingly swift! Mr Aimai’s prawn dish came first and we were all taken aback when we counted four prawns haha. The gals were tempted to try but did not have the heart to snatch like half of his meal ^~* no wonder the French are so slim!


Fitness craze’s plate of scallops served on top of yummy mashy creamy potatoes, we guessed…


Moi’s delicious pan dried cod fish served with the yummy mash stuff as well ^^


Okay since everyone was still half full from the mains, we ordered a dessert each!

Moi chose the citron tartlet, which was soooooo sour everyone grimaced with every spoonful consumed. Even the sweet meringues couldn’t neutralise the sourness >;<;


Fitness craze chose this creme brûlée – yummy enough


Another wise choice – think its some kind of cooked oats served with chocolates and nuts! Yum yum