Ding Tai Feng – Raffles City

Dinner here with Mimi and maman before the concert at Victoria Concert Hall. 

Simply simple yet delicious egg fried rice.

Famous xiaolongbao

Dumplings with chives for maman

Beef noodles soup for Mimi



Tiong Bahru Bakery – Raffles City

After dinner at Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant, we had wanted to have desserts over at Angelina. But it was full so we had to walk over to Raffles City instead. 

Excited to see the selection of French pastries on displayed💛💛

Lemon meringue éclair 


Croissant with chocolate ice cream!


Sufood – Raffles City

Members of the SHON gathering have moi a birthday treat here! 

We ordered the Italian-inspired 8-course set menu in order to try out more varieties of the main course. 

The appetizer plate

Healthy fruit vinegars

Salad plate 

Fruits plate

Soups – very smooth!

 Baked pasta
Star pizza

Bread sticks

Veggie Calzone

This should be Porchini Pasta 

Desserts 🙆 of jellies, ice cream and cheesecake