Ippudo, Mandarin Gallery

Finally got to try the ramens here after hearing so much good reviews on this place both from the media and frens.

So here we are again, moi and ste, we decided to go over to Daikokuya Ramen, which is just across the street at Paragon, after Ippudo so that our memories are still fresh enough to compare the 2 ramen-ya :)

Gyoza to share – very very yummy!!  can’t really tell from the pic gyoza was actually mini-sized, which maybe is one of the reasons why it’s so crispy and yum yum

Moi’s Shiromaru ramen -tonkotsu soup so flavorfully perfect!  noodles are thinner than the usual ramens and cooked just right, not mi-mi nor too hard.

Ste’s Akamaru ramen – miso was very subtle tasting, not overpowering which is good as it creates a perfect balance with the original recipe soup

Miharu ramen – Gallery Hotel

After work, toi and moi walked all the way from Raffles Place to Gallery Hotel for ramen dinner…took us nearly 45 minutes!!  Great workout before dinner haha.

Toi’s miso-tonkotsu – very flavorful and rich taste of miso

Moi’s Tokusen tonshio – we tot that it was yummier than the miso tonkotsu as the miso tonkotsu tasted a bit too strong

Then toi wanted to eat rice too along with his ramen, so we ordered a bowl of rice which costs S$2, totally expecting it to be delicious Japanese short grained rice but NO it tasted like the Thai fragrant rice we have at home!  We felt so cheated it was a far cry from the authentic Japanese rice we enjoyed FOC some more from Menya Shinchan!  Another minus point for Miharu…

In the end, we both still prefer the ramen from Menya Shinchan, haven’t got the chance to taste Ippudo from Mandarin Gallery nor Daikokuya from Paragon though…

Hokkaido sandwich & sashimi deli – The Sail

It was moi’s colleague’s birthday lunch celebration and a group of us treated her to this little place at The Sail, behind One Raffles Quay.

Sashimi bento with pumpkin croquette as side dish

Chirashi bento with soba for the birthday gal

Katsu beef bento

Unagi bento – unagi grilled a tad too much liao that’s why it’s a bit dry

Teriyaki chicken bento

Moi’s pumpkin croquette curry – very yummy!

Katsu sandwich for tea break for ms. akemashite :) she said very yummy with a slight hint of wasabi.

Food was yummy i guess if you stick to the bento sets and sashimi.  Moi’s another colleague told moi that she tried the crab sandwich which she didn’t like.

Sun King Japanese-Taiwanese cuisine, Far East Square

Moi and colleagues went for lunch at this yummy place, quite a while since moi’s last visit to this place.

Salad for all of us

Ma po tofu rice set – yummy!!

Gyoza to share – one of their signature dishes, must try

Moi’s soft fluffy eggs with prawns – prawns so big and fresh yum yum unlike those meow meow ones from Thai express!

Stir fry onions with pork – very tasty :)

Omu rice – yum yum

Kuishinbo, Suntec City

Moi and colleagues gathered for yummy Japanese buffet dinner at Kuishinbo on their Ladies’ night, eat-all-you-can till 1930hrs :))

Kami-nabe – yummy soup

Moi’s platter

Crab very yummy!  Potato salad also yummy!!  Tomato salad also very yummy!!

Teppanyaki salmon and chicken

Look at the picture background – the amount of crabs we devoured!!  Crabs so niceeeeee~

More tomato salad yum yum.  Fried chicken also SO SO YUMMY!!  Soba also GOOD!!

Moi’s coll’s dobinmushi

Yummy 和菓子 and yummy little western cakes

Matcha ice cream yum yum

Homecooked meal – 厚揚げの蒲焼き丼

Moi made this for lunch, got the recipe from here

The kabayaki sauce is so yummy :) exactly like the ones they use in Japanese restaurants for unagi dons :)

And with the tofu cut into long thin blocks and coated with cornflour before pan fried, tofu comes out so crispy and it’s a great combi with the yummy sauce :D

Here, moi also sprinkled this don with fried omelette ♪

Nanjya Monjya, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

Had our division’s new year party here this year.  Food was great but pricey and portions were small…

A total of 15 of us attended and we ordered 3 servings of each dish, so each dish picture shown here was the serving for 5.


Roasted ginko nuts

Barbeque chicken wings

Deep fried katsu


Salad platter – tofu salad, salmon salad and potato salad

Tori karaage

Some raw fish dish, sorry forgot the name…:P

Deep fried octopus

Okonomiyaki with yakisoba

Moi’s dessert, almond tofu (prefer the chinese style though :), japanese style a bit mi mi)